Friday, January 11, 2013

Bruce Irons joins the Fox Team

Bruce Irons goes to Fox.
When Bruce Irons dropped off the pro tour a couple of years ago Volcom told him all he had to do was surf Pipeline whenever it was good. He had a room set up in the Volcom Pipe house and just had to hang around during the winter or fly back from Kauai whenever  Pipe looked like breaking. He kept his end of the sponsorship deal for a year or so but seemed to be on hand less and less recently. 
Whenever Bruce did surf over the past two years it was always recorded in spectacular fashion, huge Mexico barrels or his tow in session at massive Teahupoo in 2011 spring to mind but over the last year Bruce has not been in the surfing limelight.
Like his brother Andy, Bruce has been dealing with some demons of his own which put his sponsorship and relationship with Volcom on a rocky course. There were rumors floating around the surfing industry that Irons was on the verge of signing a 100% deal with Oakley but in early December they changed to Fox.
Bruce Irons all decked out in Fox clothing.

At the opening ceremony of the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau on November 29th, Irons was one of the last Invitees to enter the circle. He came in with a sticker-less board but decked out in Fox clothing. During the speeches he proceeded to sticker out his board with Fox decals making a very public display of his new sponsor. Unlike the John John Florence rumors, there has been no $ amount put on the deal between Fox and Irons.

Makua Rothman, Bruce Irons and Kala Alexandra at the Opening Ceremony of the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau.

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